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Your Property is our Pride



A barren piece of land can be transformed into a beautiful home, a house can be made a home and a space can be made the place of your dreams. Buying your own home is probably your biggest dream come true and making it your own personal paradise is our specialty!


Gabby Grace Landscaping and Masonry is a locally woman owned and operated company based out of Beacon, NY.

We believe in helping our clients and customers make their home or commercial space a delightful and stunning space.

While most people spend so much time and effort in making their interiors perfect, they ignore the exterior! We believe the exterior is the very first point of approach to your property. And we certainly believe that first impressions are maybe not the last but integral and significant.

You may have the most stunning interiors but poor exteriors will reflect poorly on the owner’s personal taste.



With over 20 years of experience, we have helped many people achieve their dreams of living in perfect homes- inside and out! We work entirely according to specific customer needs with expert recommendations and suggestions based on our experience. Over the years we have been able to build a pool of networks who rely on our expert and professional services. Our verifiable references may help you get a peek into the ‘more than satisfactory’ results we extend.


Landscaping and masonry is a profession that involves immense creativity and technical understanding. Our team of experts have plenty of both! We can visualize possible implementations and work after a sound plan has been made.


We do not believe in trial and error!


Be it lawn maintenance services, bricks and pavers or stone and concrete installations... we do it all and more!

There are so many options available today and everybody can choose exactly what suits their need and personal taste.

There are absolutely no limitations to designs and styles and the myriad choices can offer limitless possibilities.


If you are building a new home or want to redo your existing home exteriors, trust our expertise to give you results, better than you imagined. We take up every project with complete integrity and assume the responsibility of delivering quality and timely services.


It’s not just about a project, but building relationships for a lifetime. It’s not just ‘a job’ but a passion for us!


Your home and satisfaction is our responsibility. 

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