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Pavers Design

Selecting a Pavers Design for your Driveway or Walkway

There are many options for making a driveway patio, or walkway out of pavers. Pavers, natural stone, and concrete are just a few of them. Each one has its own appeal, as well as practical benefits and drawbacks. These should be considered before choosing the material so that your newly-done area will continue to please you for years to come.

One of the first things to think about is how natural you want the pathway or patio to look. If you're going for a fully-natural appearance above all else, choosing natural flagstones seems like a no-brainer.

Another excellent choice instead of cement is pavers since they look more natural in the environment while still creating a very "constructed" appearance. Their main upside besides permeability is that they can be used to design swirls, curves, and other very visible patterns. They also provide great traction and are much more durable than concrete in the Northeast since they work with our thawing cycles as opposed to against it. 

The material you choose will affect the appearance of your design as well as how long it lasts. Go for the one that will meet both needs for the highest satisfaction in creating your outdoor oasis.

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