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Retaining Wall

Keep Your Soil Where it Belongs with a Retaining Wall

In some cases, it's obvious that a retaining wall is needed. Soft land that rises high at a riverbank, newly-dumped soil next to a pool deck, and similar features practically call for walls to hold their shape. At other times, however, the need is not immediately obvious. Instead, it's only after several years that it becomes obvious that the high points on the land are starting to fill in the low spots.

Fortunately, Gabby Grace is able to work with situations in which some erosion has already happened. Then, the wayward soil can be moved back into position, after which a retaining wall is constructed to keep it in place. In situations where a tree or other plant life has already grown into the space, the wall can usually be made to prevent further erosion without excess disturbance to the currently-established plants.

In most cases, you'll want the retaining wall to be made of stone. This is much more attractive than pressure treated wood and unlike wood, it will never rot. That said, Gabby Grace can usually work with other materials, like a wall paver system if you choose. The only exceptions are when there is so much soil to be held back and when irrigation is a concern that material strength is a primary issue. 

If you have a section of land that keeps wanting to drop into a lower area, contact Gabby today. Chances are, there will be many options for correcting the situation.

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